President delivered a speech

It is proved that we have made achievements ad won?corresponding praise and affirmation in the industry.However, we pursuit further success.
We hope to establish an active “artery” for?global architectures and further improve life?quality, lead the second leapforward of Chinese elevator industry with our management?methods, technology research and development, innovation capacity, new services and?perfect products.
VOLKSLIFT will have further development.We firmly believe that the exploration will?never stop, similar to the fact that people?never stop their hopes and exploration for?the sky.

Li Xiao Lin
Chairman VOLKSLIFT Elevator (China) Co., Ltd.


public welfare establishments

VOLKSLIFT actively participates in social welfare, encourages and organizes employees to hold?social love activities, which reflects the social responsibility of VOLKSLIFT.



Through continuous innovation of enterprise culture construction, volkslift?has turned out a dynamic staff team, “the cradle of talent” volkslift university, “youth power” volkslift basketball team…?VOLKSLIFT has culture as soft power and walks in the way of strengthening the corporate. It not?only establishes corporate culture with continuous innovation, but also builds talent team with full?energy, which become the original motivation for VOLKSLIFT achieving higher and further?achievements.


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